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Hey! I'm Devin Ledesma of dlb (Dem Ledesma Boyz). The #1 hip hop duo in Wichita Falls.

Me and my younger brother Ryan Ledesma are a part of a hip hop duo in Wichita Falls TX. Out of us two, I'm the one who makes sure our quality is as professional as possible. The one thing that I've heard numerous times growing up is how great our quality sets us a part from other local and surrounding artists. I've been mixing our vocals since I was 15 years old, roughly 7 years ago, with nothing but a mac computer, protools w/ certain plug ins, and an old microphone. Proving to more and more people that you don't need a huge over priced studio to make your sound stand out from the rest. All you need is a good program, and a good ear. Having that on my side, I've been able to work with plenty of artists from all around the country without having to travel or forcing other recording artists to go out of their way to get a good mix for their lyrics. On top of that, me and my brother are great song writers, from hip hop, to R&B, and even some EDM projects that required vocals. Music is my passion, and I'd like to start making a living off of what I do best. My go to price is $50 a song depending on the length and how many vocals there are too mix, but as an independent artist I can work with you on whatever price you need. If you'd like to contact me you can do so @ :

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