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Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer! As well as a Songwriter and Composer!

Thanks for stopping by! Years of experience with countless Bands and Artists has brought me to the place I am today, working as a recording mixing and mastering engineer. Growing up in the great city of Manchester, I have been surrounded by a vibrant musical and cultural scene, filled with wonderful people from so many different backgrounds which has helped me to grow and develop my love for all kinds of music. Whatever your musical approach, I can be here to help and support you in the production of your music. I have studied the Music Industry as a whole for the majority of my life. My favourite of courses being an Extended Diploma in Creative Music and a HNC in Music Production, both of which gave me hands on experience and guidance from still active industry professionals, as well as the qualifications to prove my abilities. As a person, well, I'm gonna toot my own horn here and say I'm the best version of myself now then I have ever been! I have found a deep love for the world we live in, the nature, the people, the sights and sounds and smells, for which everyday I strive to become a greater part of and bring positivity to! Music through which, an international language that I believe binds us all together, I use to connect to and benefit the world as much as I can! If you too share my approach for music and want to create some together, then use the contact form on this

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