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Nationally award-winning pro with experience producing and promoting for over 50 organizations.

As a producer, manager for live performances, event marketing and promotions, and talent agent, Rick influences most people with his warmth. He likes feedback from his team on how he is doing. He is good at creating enthusiasm in others. He is most likely to be at his best in productions where important things, such as values, judgments, feelings and emotions are involved. He prides himself on his "intuition." Rick projects a self-assured and self-confident image. He likes public recognition for his achievements. He enjoys motivating others through recognition and "strokes." He believes in getting results through other people. He prefers the "team approach." Rick, as a producer or group leader, can use his people skills to build group involvement and increase participation from the group. He is enthusiastic and will not be overlooked or uninvolved. He will consistently try to inspire people to a common point of view. He is good at solving problems that deal with talented, creative people. He is good at giving verbal and nonverbal feedback that serves to encourage people to be open, to trust him and to see him as receptive and helpful and wants to maintain friendly relationships.

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