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Session Guitarist

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My guitar playing is featured on records ranging from Rock to Dubstep

I started out alone with my guitar and computer, jamming to backing tracks on YouTube. Later I joined a pop-rock band called Following Summer and had my first live performance and studio recording experiences with them. I then joined another band called Attic Mist, which is more Blues-Rock/Hard-Rock based and continue to perform with them, listing 37 performances in 2 years. We also released our first EP Just a Taste featuring 4 songs, we are currently in the process of preparing to record a full album.

This is the Rock & Roll side of me. On the other hand while I have been associated with rock music, I have also pursued other genres.In my home studio I have tested my skill in Electronic music by producing original tracks, that have a strong foundation on guitar playing and also remixing existing tracks. I have collaborated with producers that make dubstep and drum&bass where I have contributed with my own playing.

My main goal is to collaborate on many different projects and gain experience in order to be able to produce the best possible services to artists of a vast array of genres. Foremost I seek collaboration with electronic music artists who want that organic flavor and human touch to their music which may come from a simple chord to a complex solo melody.

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