Definitely Loud Entertainment provides low-cost audio mixing services for artists on a budget. Today's music is clear and precise - it is hard to compete with artists and bands that have huge budgets for their recording and mastering. We can help you achieve a polished sound without compromising your cash flow.

So you've recorded your tracks. Maybe everything sounds a little muddy ... maybe it sounds great, but it just doesn't have that punch it needs to be compared to professional mixes - that's where we can help. Whether its a full album, a short EP, or a special single you need to shine, we can make it happen without making you go broke. We have years of musical and technical experience when it comes to bringing out the best in your recordings - and we put it to use for every single client. With most of our mixing done 'in the box' in Definitely Loud's project studios, we keep the cost down and those savings are reflected in the cost of your finished product. -

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First mix for new clients is free. Check for full rundown of mix services, pricing, and more.

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