Vincent McMurtery

Audio Engineer & Producer

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Recording Industry Production Graduate. Freelance Engineer & Producer. Dream chaser.

I am a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a major in Entertainment Industries: Recording Industry Production with a minor in Music. I currently freelance in the audio production and technical field as I make plans to own and run my own studio and record label.

Other work in my respective field includes everything from live sound production/recording, to album recording and production, to playing and recording with my own band - the CUT. I have worked with several schools and organizations like Germantown High School, Madison Central High School and Greybird Media. Over the course of my college career, I served the role of audio engineer, technician, producer, and even musician on numerous major productions put on by the University of Southern Mississippi and on four different EPs and albums for local artists and bands, including my own. Currently, I am freelancing in live sound production and recording around the central and southern Mississippi areas, as a means of marketing myself, my brand, and my sound, as I pursue my dreams of owning and running my own recording studio and record label.

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The Path by the CUT

I was the Mixing Engineer & Keyboardist and Synth Bassist in this production

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