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TheMotelRoomStudios is so called for its charming aesthetic and a relaxed and comfortable creative environment. With all the right technique and tools at hand, our energy is focused on crafting an artist's unique personal sound.

We specialize in full Live Band Tracking sessions for Rock and Pop groups, with isolation for live vocals and amplifiers, for a tight dry sound with no bleed. This type of recording can be mixed in a variety of ways, and our Engineers achieve phenomenal high fidelity mixes from performances recorded here. We're an efficient and affordable option for any group that needs live tracking, instrumental or vocal overdubs, and mixing.

Dan Crowley, the studio's head producer, is also a talented arranger who specializes in building arrangements for singers and songwriters who don't have a band. Finding the right players to suit an artist's needs, his productions capture the full potential of your original songs and defining your unique artistic style.

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