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Experimental electronic music

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Sound artist, music producer, guitarist. Based in London. 6 years Music producer experience. 7 years guitarist experience.

Anqi Deng is a musician from China, hailing from Canton. Anqi's work is focused on exploring her own sensory experiences and how they relate to her environment. She has a particular talent for using sound to create synesthetic experiences with color and imagery, with blue being the color that most inspires her. Her work often features fragmented and complete lines, and she places great emphasis on the flow and relationships between each element in her pieces.
In recent years, Anqi has primarily used acoustic instruments and synthesizers to create her work. However, since arriving in London and discovering new forms of sound art, she has begun experimenting with non-traditional instruments and interactive devices, even innovating new playing techniques and designs for traditional instruments. She has gained new insights into the fusion of soundscapes and instruments and has won multiple awards, including the International Electronic Music Competition and the National College Digital Arts/Design Awards, with her self-designed photo-sensitive synthesizer.
As a guitarist, Anqi has performed in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Hong Kong. She currently resides in London, where she is expanding her horizons and exploring new possibilities for performance and exhibition.

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