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A soulful singer who sings with passion, emotion, and purpose is what you’ll find in Flo. She embodies a desire to inspire, uplift, and touch the hearts, minds, and souls of people through her music.

If you were searching for a soulful pop singer with a huge, heart-stopping voice, search no further you’ll find it in Flo.
Flo is known as a soul/pop phenomenon. She’s a captivating artist with undeniable stage presence. When artists like Lauryn Hill, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, and 112 are looking for opening acts, they come to Flo.
Whether it’s a huge arena or concert hall, Flo is in her element on stage, her powerful, emotive voice shaking the rafters.
Now, Flo is following up the success of her 2007 self-titled album with her sophomore release, “Pieces of Me”. Produced by Western Canadian Music Awards 2011 “Producer of the Year” Arun Chaturvedi, "Pieces of Me" (crowned Western Canadian Music award 2012 urban album of the year) is a reflection of who Flo is: an artist who represents encouragement, personal strength, passion and positivity.
Flo’s enduring message of faith and self-empowerment reflect an inner struggle: to overcome all obstacles and follow her dreams, "I believe this dream is bigger than I am.”
Luckily for Flo, her voice is bigger than her dreams. She is passion in living form, travels into realms of soul that some artists never tap into, and this is only the beginning...

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