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Lyrics allow the listener to experience the expanse of an ocean while only giving them a drop of salt water. You have too much to communicate and not enough lines to do it. I am here to help you with the challenge of telling your story in as few words as possible.

I have an on-going tradition of making a playlist on Spotify with the title of the year (ex. 2022). Through out the year I add any song I discover that stands out to me. It might be the production, it might be the vibe, sometimes it is a clever melody or an interesting chord progression. I am a fan of all kinds of music. Well known or niche, rap or folk, you can find it all in these playlists.
While going through some previous playlists I noticed a pattern. The songs, albums, and artists I keep listening to years and years later have one thing in common: high quality, striking lyrics.
Production tastes change year to year, but lyrics keep listens around for years to come. Production can create listeners, lyrics create fans.

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Pricing is for consulting/performing, not time in a professional studio. If you need a studio and don't have a one in mind, we will use Postal Recording in Indianapolis.

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