Raymond Castro (RAYROCK)

Beat Maker/Artist Developer

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I am a Sound Desinger/Music Producer with a passion for Community, and Artist Development . I have the opportunity to build and maintain relationships with artists all over the world and to share positivity and life with everyone I meet. I am dove and stellar award winner.


Beat making - Rap, Pop, R&B & Soul
Song arrangement from start to finish
Drum programming
Sound design
Vocal direction and production - in studio and remotely
Song writing - in person and remotely
Provide direction and coaching for talent vocal delivery
Talent sourcing - musicians, singers, rappers & narrators
Enhancing musical ideas - "Beefing up your record" anyway needed - drums, vocals, lyrics, etc.
Insuring sonic quality
Managing direction for recording sessions with musicians
On site direction for performances, album launces, etc.
Project A&R



Understanding of your vocal range & pitch
Enhancing your stage performance & awareness
Evoking proper emotion for specific genre, style or audience.
Physically reflecting the state of mind or emotion of a character in your song
Embracing many different styles and genres without ‘bandwagon jumping’ or sacrificing your sound
Knowing your audience
Planning your “set” with tact
Stage etiquette
Teaching you accompanying harmonies
Rhythm & rhyme coaching
*Phone, video or in-person sessions available. Contact for availability.

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