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I am Unique, I am Special, I am me. With Music in my veins, I dream the insane. To be the change and not complain. You haven't seen the best of me, I'm still working on my master piece.

I've been writing songs sins I was little, it's my passion and something I would love to do daily. I started to produce my songs on FL Studio a few years ago. Being a Single mom stuck in the rat-race, my time was limited. I completed in 5 years 12 songs. I never thought it was good enough to share and I was hoping to gain more experience first or get professional producers to assist. One day in 2021, a local artist unexpectedly came into my life and was blown away by my songs. She asked to sing one song and we recorded it 2 weeks later in the studio. This made me believe in myself and I know now that I my songs is good and I am looking forward to make many more. My dream is to lift people's consciousness so they feel worthy, because that's the only way to end poverty.

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