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20+ Years experience as a live and studio musician – I know what it's supposed to sound like. I mix musically and with character.

I may not (yet) have the credits that others do… but I can back my chops up with a musical ear with lots of analytical training.
As a musician, you might know the frustration of getting back mixes that just sound... wrong. Your instrument doesn't have the weight it deserves, your vocals don't sit right, everything sounds small and plain. I certainly know the feeling – which is why I started mixing myself!
And what can I say... I turned addict...
I am a professional saxophone player and know my way around acoustic music. If you like the sound and weight of your instrument, hit me up!
We all love the sweet sound of subtle – or not so subtle – saturation, which is why I have a hybrid workflow with some nice colorful outboard gear.
I use AudioScape, Looptrotter, Heritage Audio; I convert with Dangerous and FocusritePro, and listen on a 2.1 set of Neumanns.

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Gear Highlights
  • Neumann
  • Looptrotter
  • AudioScape
  • Heritage Audio
  • Dangerous
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