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Known for breaking the chains of conformity with original songs that do not fit into stereotypical categories. After years of writing and performing songs exclusively in busking settings, he released his first studio recorded single, SERENDIPITY in Feb 2022. His tracks are short stories in a form of poetry, full of raw emotion.

I was Born in March 1977 in South Africa, had a difficult, emotionally chaotic, and traumatic upbringing. In short, forced to live and survive on the streets as a minor. I had to endure years of surprising and frightening experiences. He lived through events that affected and influenced his life that were not in his control. There is a radiant beauty to unearth from the rubble though, as I use my vulnerability as an empowering weapon to conquer hardship, recover from misfortune, and be solely authentic. His motto is Amor Fati. Despite the odds, I have discovered myself, my identity, and my abilities. I am more determined than ever to pursue a life aligned with my purpose and to stretch and demand more from myself. It is important to me to include meaningful lyrics that are easy to sing along to. All my tracks are short stories in a form of poetry that reflect my own life experiences, past and present. I have a catalogue of over 200 songs that I am willing to sell. To be honest I simply want to be able to provide for my family so I am willing to discuss any opportunities available.

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