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I believe that the best productions are the result of listening. Listening to the artist. Listening to the tracks. Listening to the message. Finding the arrangement and expressions that work as a whole to create a whole. So that is where I always start. Asking and then hearing. And clarifying. So as to understand what you are trying to say.

What are you trying to say to your audience? What is at the heart of your efforts? Is it love? Passion? Fear? Admonition? Is it time to party and dance? Is it time to celebrate and share joy? Is it time to cry and hide? It is your expression and your message that matters.

I am simply here to help you find your soul's intent and desire and communicate it. Whatever it is. If it is hatred, rage, anger, fear, or love and joy. Or some mixture of many feelings and thoughts. It is OK whatever it is. I am not here to judge your experience. Just understand it the best I can and help you get it into your production. Into your expression.

So when I ask questions about what you want to say. Or where you want to go. Or what you expect, believe that I will listen. Because that is where it all starts. Please tell me what you want or need, and I will do my level best to get it into your work with you.

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Terms Of Service

I work with you to determine deadlines, how many revisions, and how much it will cost.

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  • I mix and master on Audacity.
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