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Do you want your song to have an amazing sound that engages the listener and ignites that emotional connection with them?

Hi, I'm Michael, and I professionally produce music with a focus on enhancing the emotions, dynamics, and moments of your song, so you can make that emotional connection with your listener.

I am your mixing engineer, with experience in recording, mixing, and mastering various albums. I invite you to check out my inspiring portfolio to listen more.

By focusing on the most important elements and moments of your song, I will creatively engage your listener. Together with my proper use of levels, EQ, dynamics, and effects processing, you will have a great mix, that has good balanced relative levels and panning, with a controlled frequency balance that is pleasing to the ear, that also has depth where there is some contrast in the presence and placement of the sounds in the mix.

So forget about all the fancy equipment and great plugins, it's all about the mindset and skills of the engineer that produce a great mix, and always remember that the single most important part of a song is that it makes a connection with the listener and creates an emotional impact.

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