Podcast Editing & Mastering

Giuliano on SoundBetter

Podcast editing, post-production and mastering.

Hi! I am Giuliano and I am editing podcast :)!

My goal is to take care of your podcast and improve its quality and value. In my professional experience, my main purpose is audio quality and intelligibility to guarantee the best possible engagement for the listener.
Noises and poor audio quality are the enemies of a successful podcast.

I will take care of:

- Editing
> remove stuttering and repetation
> remove unnecessary fill word
> remove "ehm", "uhm", etc.
> re-organising the material
> add music and sound design

- Post-processing
> removing background noises
> de-esseing, de-plosive, remove excessive breathing
> Equaliasing and compressing

- Mastering
> ensure that the overall level respects the commercial specification
> final render to be ready to upload!

Please get in contact with me for more info, quote or whatever questions you have in mind.
Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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