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Drummer/percussionist with 20+ years experience from Melbourne, Australia. I've toured Australia and the USA, playing everything from house shows to music festivals! Over the years I've played on a number of studio recordings from singles and EPs to full length albums. I can confidently play a wide variety of genres from rock to folk to jazz etc!

In my studio in Melbourne's inner north, I'll record drums and percussion parts over your song. When you send the files to me, we'll work together to determine what kind of sound and feel you're hoping to achieve. I have a wide variety of options available to help me realise your vision in terms of vintage or modern instruments, sticks/brushes/rods, drum heads and so on.

Here's a list of some of the gear I like to use:

Drum Kits:
1960s Rogers Holiday (13" and 16" toms, 22" kick, 14" x 5" snare)
2000s Gretsch Catalina Birch (12", 14" and 16" toms, 22" kick, 14" x 5" snare)

1930's Ludwig Pioneer (Mahogany) (14" x 6.5")
1976 Ludwig Acrolite (14" x 5.5")
1960s Ludwig Supraphonic (14" x 5.5")
2000s Gretsch Hammered Steel (14" x 5.5")

15" Zildjian A New Beat Hi Hats
20" Zildjian K Crash Ride
22" Zildjian K Light Ride
22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Ride
24" Zildjian K Light Ride

Rode NT2A
Rode NT1
Rode M1
SE Electronic S8 Matched Pair
SE Electronic VR2 Active Ribbon
SE Electronic V7
T-Bone RB500 Passive Ribbon on FET preamp x2
T-Bone RB100 Passive Ribbon on FET preamp x2
Shure Beta57
Shure Beta58
Shure SM57 x2
Shure SM58
Audix D6

Alesis SamplePad 4
Egg shakers
Maracas x2
Assorted sticks, mallets, brushes, etc

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.


Discogs verified credits for Ryan Shields (2)
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GenresSounds Like
  • Russian Circles
  • The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Jeff Buckley
Gear Highlights
  • 60's Rogers Holiday Drum Kit
  • 30's Ludwig Pioneer Snare
  • 70's Ludwig Acrolite Snare
  • 60's Ludwig Supraphonic Snare
  • Zildjian K Series Cymbals
  • Istanbul Agop Cymbals
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