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Ukrainian music producer who is ready to cooperate with any producer, artist. Co-operation:

Max Tarconi (real name - Maksym Rotar) - Ukrainian music producer who is developing his musical career and ready to cooperate with any producer, artist.
Active years: 2013-2015, 2017-present
Today Max Tarconi is becoming an equally interesting artist and producer for many people. His discography is rather big: 1 album, dozens of tracks and remixes. His work is appreciated in Ukraine and other countries. Max Tarconi participates in many remix contests, shows his talent to many. Although he does not win in remix contests, winning is not the main thing for him.
At the moment, Max Tarconi does not collaborate with well-known labels. He works as an independent artist and producer, sells his own tracks, working with distributors, but wants to collaborate with many producers, composers and artists
Max Tarconi loves his job very much, makes music from his heart, from the heart. Emotionality in the tracks is his specialty. In one track it can show sadness, and in the other - joy. He also enjoys experimenting with music, exploring new genres, projects and creating interesting content.

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