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Singer and songwriter

I’ve been fond of music since childhood. I professionally studied vocals by the EVT method (Estill Voice Training) for 7 years. I have an EVT certificate, and I can teach vocals around the world using this method. Also, I can play the guitar and the piano.
I have experience working in collaborations with various musicians. From 2017 to 2019, I was the leader of several musical groups. We performed at various venues, with both covers and our own material. Now I am promoting a solo project in the pop genre. I write songs in English. I’ve released a couple of singles, and I also have a lot to release (I’m currently looking for a label)
My vocal range is a strong alto/soprano.
I work from my home studio, or in a pro studio if the client asks. The price is not the same of course.
Since 2019, I’ve been professionally recording vocals for other musicians on a paid basis.
With my experience I can help lyrics writers who doesn’t sing by giving them an opportunity to share their content.

I’m always ready for a new project, and I hope we can create a masterpiece together.

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