Gene Thompson

Hip Hop Producer/ Mix Engineer

Gene Thompson on SoundBetter

I have a keen sense of understanding what message an artist is trying to convey when describing what sound they seek to achieve.

Being an engineer is a mission that I’ve always wanted to accomplish. Making the artist
Happy is what makes me happy. The idea of money never cross my mind but rather the joy
of music as I see it as a powerful tool of expression.

Originally from Belize, I came to Chicago to learn how to master the doctrine of music by being an engineer. .

1) Send over your dry, unprocessed files (preferably 48 kHz, 24-bit or 32-bit, .wav files). Feel free to send me a reference track or a list of songs that can help me work on your project(s). If you have an idea of how you want a particular vocal or instrument to sound, you can send a wet, processed file as well.

2) I will create a rough draft for you to listen to and decide if I'm taking the right path. I want both of us to be on the same page about what the project should sound like.

3) After the project is done and you are satisfied with the results, mark the Job as "Complete" and feel free to endorse me! I will release to you high-res mix stems (Full Mix, Instrumental Mix, TV Mix, Acapella Mix, Ld Vox, BGV, Vocal Up, and Vocal Down).

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New Numbers by Nello Player

I was the Mixing Engineer, Producer in this production

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