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Violinist, Composer, Arranger, keyboard player,guitarist, bass, player, scripts director.
Born in Vilnius Lithuania 1972,
Composed more then 80 advertisements on Hungarian radio.
Made some projects for Midem festival in Cannes with Hungarian female singer.
Had music events together with Richard Cleiderman,Pavaroty, Stephan Grappely,
Fets Domino,Dave Davies & others.
Some classical music and music for children theater play.

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  • Dave Davies
  • Dave Davies
Exodus - Yura Železnik

I was the Violinist,Composer,Arranger in this production

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  • BravoNov 12, 2016

    *Since the age of the most famous composers which was a few hundred years ago nothing was  produced with that high standart of music setting.

    Great technique of violin playing and a new sound from Yura Železnik.