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Press reviews:
Your "Tornado" is better than "Summer" of Antonio Vivaldi-Great ! Great ! Great !
Gustav Müllen
Since the age of the most famous composers which was a few hundred years ago nothing
was produced with that high standart of music setting.
Great technique of violin playing and a new sound from Yura Železnik.
18 wave gotik treffen - Leipzig
Das eher getragen, dafür aber mit einer richtig tollen Violine von Yura Železnik daher kommt.
rock times.De gesamt - Markus Kerren
Making things even more eclectic are Lithuanian born violinist Yura Železnik.
good new music - Peter Hund

* Violinist, Composer, Arranger, keyboard player,guitarist, bass player,
* Born in Vilnius Lithuania 1972,
* Pupil of Paulauskene and later Proffesor Shevelov.
* Composed more then 80 advertisements on Hungarian radio.
* Made some projects for Midem festival in Cannes .
* Tour from cost to cost in the USA and Canada and some EU countries,
with a folk band, after joined to some productions in France.
* Had music events together with famous artists around the world-.
* recordings for other musician's albums.
* Also composed-classical music and music for children theater play.

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  • Dave Davies
  • Dave Davies
Exodus - Yura Železnik

I was the Violinist,Composer,Arranger in this production

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