Victor Thomas

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

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I provide mixing and mastering with a seasoned artistic flair adding creative elements that make your song even more engaging and dynamic! With over a decade of music theory study, and 20 years of music field experience serving a wide range of clients of multiple music genres, I am sure to deliver that next level sound.

What sets me apart from some mixing engineers is that I create music as well, so I am in tune with what an artist may desire. I have the ability to look at the song from the artist's perspective, and not just a mixing engineer. I can add elements to your mix from a creative perspective; this includes drops, sound fx, and even may request the artist to rerecord certain parts in a specific way that enhances the song. In short, I invest my time and skills into your music as if it were my own, but only to the artist's discretion.

Above all of the skills, quality, and experience I have, my strongest point is my attentiveness to your music. I approach your music as if it were my own. As an advocate musician I want to see all musicians strive in their craft and achieve their goals. So, I will do all I can to assist in not just mixing your music, but in your career over all. Let's build!

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