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Producer, Songwriter, Drummer

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I'm a Nashville based producer, songwriter and drummer. I have over 10 years experience in the music realm and would love to take your music to the next level.

I graduated with a degree in commercial performance from Belmont University 5 years ago and have since found a home in producing music for Film & Television.

My first love has always been drums & percussion, so creating custom drum tracks is my favorite part of the songwriting process. I work fast, but always make sure my tracks sound incredible. My weapon of choice is Ableton Live, and with it I can create from scratch or add that golden touch to your work in progress.

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Interview with Bryant Lowry

  1. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  2. A: I currently write and drum for a band called Jet Black Alley Cat, and each of our songs has turned out to be something I can listen back on and feel we've created a truly unique piece of art.

  3. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  4. A: I'm finishing up a great musical with my sister, who is a screen-play writer. She's been writing the script and I've been composing the music. The musical is based on an accordion player struggling to keep the instrument alive during the 1960's rock wave.

  5. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  6. A: I haven't worked with anyone on SoundBetter yet, as most of my work comes from inside the city of Nashville or Film-based clients in LA.

  7. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  8. A: Doesn't matter to me, whatever sounds best for the situation is what I'll use. I currently stick with Digital because recalls and revisions are significantly easier.

  9. Q: What's your 'promise' to your clients?

  10. A: I'll get them a polished, professional product that meets their needs in a timely manor.

  11. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  12. A: Waking up every day and simply creating art is an incredible occupation.

  13. Q: What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

  14. A: I'm happy and courteous to answer all questions asked, but most of the time I have to clarify that I am just a service. Meaning, I can't promise to push you out to music business contacts and get you that record deal, but I can definitely get you a product that grabs their attention.

  15. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  16. A: Whatever I'm called to do for the client, I will handle as long as it's clarified upfront.

  17. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  18. A: One of the easiest ways to help minimize turnaround and creation time is if I can get a client to provide 3 or 4 reference tracks for their projects. Another is knowing what purpose their track has, whether it's for Film placement or just so their grandma has something fun to listen to - you'll be helping me know the best way to make your track shine.

  19. Q: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

  20. A: I'm a friendly guy and I take criticism well - if you're not happy with any part of a track I create, never fear bringing it to my attention. I'd always rather make sure you're totally satisfied at the end of our process.

  21. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  22. A: A drum-set, my In-Ear-Monitors, a Lap-top, and two generators to keep the laptop alive :)

  23. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  24. A: I've been doing music professionally for the past 10 years, mostly playing drums for touring and professional artists. My ideal career path would be to tour full time within the next 3 years, but also have the availability on the road to continue creating great tracks.

  25. Q: How would you describe your style?

  26. A: As I said earlier, I'm a metal kid at heart. Love anything epic, heavy, or dark, but also come at every opportunity with the mindset of making sure I'm creating something that fits the part.

  27. Q: Which artist would you like to work with and why?

  28. A: I'd love to work with Hans Zimmer on the next sci-fi thriller he does with Christopher Nolan. The combo of electronic and orchestral production would be an incredible experience.

  29. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  30. A: I usually work on darker pop tracks, but also love working on hard rock (specifically drum programming and sampling), hip-hop, and orchestral composition.

  31. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  32. A: Drum Programming

  33. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  34. A: My background in drumming and piano help me bring unique chordal and rhythmic patterns to any song. My work in TV and Film constantly help me keep a fresh and modern sound to my production.

  35. Q: What's your typical work process?

  36. A: Depending on the type of work required, I normally start by finding drum sounds/grooves then build chord progressions, and finally leads around those. Being a producer, I usually mix as I go and dig deep on polishing up the quality as a last step before sending for revisions.

  37. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  38. A: My set up is pretty much all "In-the-box," with basic equipment for additional live audio recording if needed. My hardware list is small, but staying In-the-box allows me to recall and revise any project quickly, saving both me and my clients a lot of time in the revision process. If larger recording projects come my way I have easy access to several of the world's best studios, as I live within a few miles of them in Nashville.

  39. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  40. A: Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman have been huge inspirations behind my sound-tracking work. I'm secretly a metal kid at heart, so any band with drop tuned guitars and crushing drums will get me excited. My biggest musical inspiration would be the composer/electronic artist, Benn Jordan, AKA The Flashbulb. All three inspire me to think beyond "this is good enough," and strive for "How epic can we make this."

  41. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  42. A: Most of my work is sound-tracking music for Film and Television. I'm most passionate about projects that I get to create from a client's initial songwriting idea, like creating a cool vibe behind a hip-hip artist's lyrics.

  43. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  44. A: Don't get stuck in the "is this good enough?" loop. Always know when to take pride in your work and release it before you go into doubt-editing mode.


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