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Philly’s upcoming artist of the year. Follower of Christ. Hustling to give back to the community through God’s gift of music.

Jason Klapcuniak, known professionally as JKLAP, is an American rap artist, songwriter, musician, producer, and instrumentalist from West Chester, PA right outside of Philadelphia. He began playing instruments at age 7 and grew his passion for music and specifically for the rap genre after high school to the present day. He has performed live several times from 2018 to 2021 and continues to deliver raw energy, relatable content, and unique sounds that resonate with his listeners and fans. He released his first 12 track album “Graveyard Shift” in November 2021, displaying raw talent, intricate wordplay, melodic hooks, and sharing the ups and downs of his victories and struggles. After losing his mother Jane in 2018 to stage four metastatic breast cancer, he has been more determined than ever to work harder, never quit and make dreams a reality. As a recent re-follower of Christ, his mission has changed to impact the world in a positive way through the connection of music and community. His persistent drive to grow his craft and expand his impact on others will lead to nothing short of his inevitable success to help others.

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