Dante Verdoliva

POP/JAZZ/ROCK SessionGuitarist

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Hi, I'm Dante and I'm an educated guitar player. I finished my education at the music school here in Antwerp where I chose to specify in POP/JAZZ. In total, this education is a course of 9 years with exams and performances in front of a jury. I'm an advanced level guitar player and I offer my services to anyone who wants a live guitar track.

What I offer is a live recording of whatever guitar part you want me to play. I'll record this in my home studio through my amp and an SM57. This is widely regarded as the industry standard, so the audio should be top notch. Furthermore, I also offer some improvisation (specified in this subject in my 9 years of guitar education) or I'll look at the entire song and come up with a guitar part to fit that song and that is to your liking. Guitar solos are also possible if u want one for your song.

I'll always check in with you and with what u need. I take great pride in making music for myself but also for aspiring musicians. I strongly believe the collaboration between different musicians always widenes one's perspective and honestly can't wait to meet new musicians and see what they have to offer!

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Gear Highlights
  • Fender Telecaster '52 reissue
  • Hot Rod deluxe tweed amp
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