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Dyna Remix Young Producer From Cambodia.

Dyna Remix (Kandal born Jam 24, 2002) real name is Thouk Dyna. He is a Cambodian producer and artist from the province of Kandal Steaung. He is a young Cambodian producer Started Producer music in 2016. He is the Producer/Artist of The Remix New generation in Cambodia.

Dyna Remix's real name is Thouk Dyna, a Cambodian producer/artist from Kandal Province. He is a young Producer and a New generation in Cambodia. Cambodian electronic Music producer Dyna also known as Dyna Remix has a unique style with music genres like Cambodia Electronic. And also he can produce genres like Chill House, Slap House, Bigroom, Trap, Lofi, Drill. He's the first one to lead a Chill House & Slap House music in Cambodia; he has many collaborations with other artists in Cambodia. Cambodia Remix Fans across the country have already listened to his unique combination of style, music, and melody. Follow me for more future release music.

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Dyna remix

I was the Dyna Remix in this production

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