Cameron Teel

Mixing, Producing, Pianist

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I'm here because all I want is a chance, because I know what I'm doing, both as an experienced Audio Engineer with a Master's degree, as a lifelong musician, and as a human being that has a deep appreciation for why music exists - for connection and community. I never half-ass my work, and I'm happy to provide a demo of what I've mixed :)

From technical maintenance and session recording to sound mixing and mastering, I pride myself as a polymath when it comes to any sanctum of the creative realm. Subjectively I've touched corners of every genre, as well as additional experience in post-production audio.

As an audio engineer, I offer mixing and mastering services. I have produced and mixed many songs for synch labels over the last couple years, though none of which have been placed, being that the label supervisors handle that aspect. However, this doesn't discourage me from my dream of making a living in this industry. I know that I have talent in what I do, and while I don't have a star-studded repertoire, or an influx of streams to carry my name, I have a deep understanding regarding the technicalities and science of mixing. To support this claim, I have been learning to program and develop audio plugins, and have released a couple of my own already. I work as an audio assistant for the Travel Channel, and am on my second season of "Paranormal Caught on Camera."

As a classically and jazz-trained pianist, I can offer polished session work for any style of music. I play with multiple groups around the Nashville area, and also perform under my own project, "Jabroni." I also have experience in scoring and arranging if needed.

My core mantra: “Never stop learning.”

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Gear Highlights
  • Adam A77X Monitors
  • iZotope RX 7 Series
  • Fabfilter Bundle
  • Valhalla Reverbs
  • Plugin Alliance Essentials
  • Waves Collection
  • Arturia Synth Collection
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