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Diluka Perera is a Composer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer and Record Producer from Sri Lanka...

Diluka is a young popular amazing artist who led by short time in the Srilankan Music Industry
Shows the stars on Singing/Music producer as well as the music composer and who is shining at Negombo, which is one of music born village. It is great happy and most pleasure to say that he was a school boy when he was the owner of completed inter studio with latest sounds equipment .Really that will be wonder of received talents and the ability of Diluka where he believes in his Moto ‘Dreams are the Guidance in Success’

When we look upon his personal profile Diluka was born on 31st of July 1996 ,was educated at Maris Stella College Negombo and come from a very simple family with a good reputation with villages also showers protection as an elder brother for his one and only brother.
At Grade 6 child Diluka was given a cassette by his Aunty where he obtained the taste of Music and no one seems thought that it would make him carry to a Wonder full Musician .Learning copy writing through given cassette he was able to make his primary studio with capability on voice recording through a sound system of less capacity. This was carried out from 2008 to 2012 .By year 2013 Diluka achieved his first super goal of starting his professional studio 'Dream tym'.It is not the end but the cross of just one step up from Thousands of step in his dreams.

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