Musicians producing musicians. Recording, mixing and mastering with creativity.

Supernova Estudios is one of the most important recording studios from Paraguay, born in 2006 on Diego Serafini's house (known in the country for his work with his band Gaia) and now relocated on a bigger location.

The leading rock, pop, metal, gospel and latin rock acts from Paraguay worked at some point on Supernova. Such diverse but big bands like Paiko, Salamandra, Flou and Villagran Bolaños record here, and the studio have a high reputation of producing records with a very high and competitive standard.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Blue / Beyerdynamic / Shure / Audio Technica / Pearlman / Sennheiser / Heil / Neumann
  • Lavry Blue ADDA
  • Lucid 88192
  • Universal Audio Apollo
  • RND
  • Vintech
  • API
  • Tonelux
  • Kush.

Genres I specialize in

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