Tat Purusha: a freelancer, musician, audio engineer, mix man and producer. I own a SUPERSOUL STUDIO in EUROPE. Most times I work with heavy rock and metal bands but did other genre of projects as well. I do everything from start to the end or any step of the production, as you desire.

Supersoul Studio is equipped with lots of known vintage audio equipment combined with latest digital world of plugs and processors.

Some of my best productions

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Gear Highlights
  • Neve 1084 and 1081. LA-2A. 1176. VariMu 176. Custom Pultec EQP1. Fatso UBK. Clariphonic UBK. DR-MQ5 MASTERING EQ. Portico 5043. AMEK CiB. DRAWMER 1968ME. SPL Vitalizer. TRIDENT custom EQ. Custom SSL Mix Buss. Apogee. Lavry. SSL.
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