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"Tuning Imagination Into Art" As a multi-genre music producer and engineer, I specialize in inspiring and curating the best out of any artist for a premium professional product. It's not about achievements of the past but what we can accomplish working with each other today.

As the Founder/Owner of Wavlab Studios for over a decade, Geronimo has facilitated over thousands of production, recording and mixing sessions from industry artist, corporate clients to local talent.

Starting off doing work for hire scoring projects developing creative ideas for nonprofits, corporate companies and local artist, he grew a diverse aptitude for hands on project management in the arts. With this knowledge and passion he went to build a studio that has served the Tristate area and clients productions all over the world.

Now working with Multi-Platinum Artist and Producers, he has honed the skill of curating commercial compositions and chart topping records. With Clients such as Viacom, Tempo TV, RocNation artist Philly Freeway, Kur and others, Geronimo believes in developing the music with the talent for a wholesome creative process of art that represents the true spirit of the client.


*Remote Mix Engineer
*Recording Sessions (Based in Wilmington, De and Atlanta, Georgia)
(Willing to Commute to your studio upon negotation)
*Vocal Tuning (Including Formant Style Vocals)
*Custom Instrumentals (Including Over Raw Vocals)
*In Session Producer (Guiding the session, bringing the energy and advice to make a fun productive session)
*Film Composing
*Consulting (Under producer speciality)

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31 Reviews

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  1. Review by Kelly
    by Kelly

    Geronimo has been coaching my son for the past 3 years with a direct focus in audio engineering and music producing. His overall patience and persistence in teaching the magic beyond music is unmatched. He is a true master at his craft and continues to empower young musicians and producers to grow outside of their comfort zones while reaching new levels along the way. Our family is honored to work beside him and look forward to his next chapter within the music industry.

  2. Review by Toose Mac
    by Toose Mac

    Great producer always good business. I would suggest him you tell him how you want it to sound and he’ll make it happen. Great feed back and just and awesome person to be around.

  3. Review by Angel
    by Angel

    Ya boy is a Beast! His skills is impeccable and knows his way around music.. He is so humble and talented and gives his all to his craft. Making music is an art but for him he lives it, and breaths it. This is his passion and I wouldn't have it any other way than to continue to work with him. (Drops Mic)

  4. Review by T. Walker
    by T. Walker

    Yooooo this dude is phenomenal. Somebody get this man his flowers. My experience with him has always been fun and rewarding. He gets it, that's why I flex with him. Bing Bong!

  5. Review by BOBBY B.
    by BOBBY B.

    For the love GOD book your sessions with him you won't regret it. Happy Client!!

  6. Review by Tiana
    by Tiana

    This guy is a mastermind, every time I get into the studio with him he pulls off magic. He understands my unique ability and turns it into something amazing every time. He captures the essence of my flow and helps me build my brand. Geronimo is hands down that guy you need to have in your corner.

  7. Review by Peaches
    by Peaches

    Anytime me and Geronimo get together he pulls the fire out of me and we produce gems. His spirit and energy is like no other. He is an extraordinary being and always makes me feel comfortable and ambitious. I truly enjoy working with him, and giving him full control to construct a marvelous piece of work. He's the man!

  8. Review by Valerie V.
    by Valerie V.

    What can I say other than don't waste your time with any other Producer/Engineer if ain't sounding like the Big homie Geronimo. I love his drive to make each song a banger. His attention to detail is out of this world. I'm always happy knowing my talent is in good hands. He's the Best!!!!!

  9. Review by Ahmir
    by Ahmir

    Highly recommend!!!
    Geronimo's crisp sound and quality equipment speaks for itself. Every time I get in the booth he makes magic happen. I appreciate the hardwork and dedication he puts into my sound especially in making sure it meets its full potential. He's Amazing!!!!

  10. Review by Asheber Ruiz
    by Asheber Ruiz

    Hands down one of the best Producers/Engineers in the game! I love the freedom to create in his studio. His energy is fire and allows me to be open and free when the creativity starts to come out. The vibe is always there when I'm ready to work. His skills is on point and have yet to see anyone else do it better.

  11. Review by Melissa
    by Melissa

    For the past two years, I have had the honor and privilege to watch this mastermind at work! Geronimo’s talent, creativity, and technique produce industry quality art in all aspects. His imagination comes to life through his work and he pours passion into everything he does. Not only is he extremely talented in his craft, but he is also a successful business owner. His professionalism, charisma, and expert level coaching/guidance creates the perfect atmosphere for clients to produce their best work. Every session is an unforgettable artistic experience!

  12. Review by Maria Pina Bernal
    by Maria Pina Bernal

    The experience, heartwarming and comfort that Geronimo Vannicola gave me was phenomenal. I was very satisfied with the service and hospitality. I admire Geronimo's work from Mastering, Recording and Mixing. Still Thankful for my first ever cover song Recorded and Mastered by Geronimo . Dope person inside out, committed, determined and unique.

  13. Review by Shay Arrell
    by Shay Arrell

    One of the best engineers I've worked with been goin to him for 5+ years now and everything he's put together for me had been amazing. You explain to him the sound you want and he'll make it happen highly suggested!

  14. Review by Timmy
    by Timmy

    Geronimo is a pro ! Improvement is constantly being made . You can’t go wrong working with Geronimo . Positive environment, quality results , reasonable prices !

  15. Review by Kenan
    by Kenan

    Geronimo is the epitome of a great engineer but also a phenomenal producer. He always gives great guidance and advice catered to the artist. A music savant and stays in touch with the culture. I recommend Geronimo to any artist whether you’re a beginner or seasoned artist.

  16. Review by Oneshot
    by Oneshot

    Been to many different engineers and Geronimo’s by far the best one. Experience, guidance, authenticity and realness is what you’ll get out of a session with a Geronimo. And he’s always progressing, I highly recommend.

  17. Review by ChelleV
    by ChelleV

    Every review is so on point with there description and expressions on Geronimo's personality and talent. He’s truly An exceptional engineer and composer.
    His energy is unmatched and he makes every experience memorable. While In your sessions he takes the time out to give you constructive input to bring out the best in you. In addition to that when mixing and mastering your music he enhances the sound quality bringing forth a industry ready mix.
    Once you have been in a session with him you will not want to record anywhere else! He has worked so hard and deserves way more credit!

  18. Review by Thuurdi
    by Thuurdi

    Geronimo had helped me make strides into finding my passion for the art of music. Not only just recording but the art of creating. His professionalism and expertise has made working with him a must!

  19. Review by Dennie The Great
    by Dennie The Great

    I’ve been working with Geronimo for over 5 years now. It’s always great energy. He emerges into your music and provides great feedback, advice and direction. I really appreciate how he pushes me to get more out of myself and to always do one more take because good can always be better. He pays close attention to your art, and style to the point where I don’t have to tell him the sound I’m going for he can just feed off my energy and know exactly where I’m going with it. We built a chemistry that works. That’s the type of guy Geronimo is.

  20. Review by Kacey
    by Kacey

    Very professional, if your looking to get industry ready He's the guy, tech savvy and you get the best quality at a high level

Interview with Geronimo Vannicola

  1. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  2. A: Both are necessary and utilized. I prefer to learn what kind of sound my client is looking for and make decisions on gear from there.

  3. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  4. A: The freedom to create and activate our imagination right before our eyes.

  5. Q: What's your strongest skill?

  6. A: My strongest skill is feeling the vibe my clients and bringing the best out of them. Art is a very intimate personal experience so I treat it with that much care and detail.

  7. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  8. A: David Foster, Timbaland, Pharrell, Pink Floyd, Cold Play, System Of a Down, and Kayne West to name a few.

  9. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  10. A: The most common work I do is recording/mixing with an emphasis on vocal production. I love coaching people through the music and honestly feel it's the difference between having an engineer and having a producer who engineers as well.

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-1 to 5 Days Turnaround Time
-2 Free small Edits
-Additional edits have small fee
-Free Zoom Session Consultation (Post Deposit)
-Travel for in Session appearances (Upon Negot.)

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