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I'm a song writer, I've been writing poetry/songs for over 30 years now and am looking for an artist that can bring my writings to life. Genre is trap/rap.

I have worked on quite a few pieces/songs as of recently have had a few copywrited. I've utilized my poetry/writing gift as an outlet for most obstacles I've had to over come throughout my life time. I am looking for a vocal artist, rap genre, that shares the same passion in music as myself. Music is an outlet and has been for as long as I can remember. I started writing journals and poetry at a young age and to date still currently am. I've been through many dark/down times since my early teen years. Life's been a roller coaster ride, my lyrics are harsh and pretty hard but very real and I'm sure will reach out and resignate to many going through the same battles. My lyrics contain much emotion and tends to be a little dark at times as a publisher once noted my writings are unique and dark much like Edgar Allen Poe and was once offered to have a book published containing my poetry. But my passion is music, I want to hear my words come to life.

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