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Stampede aims to innovate both the music and film industry by combining them in such way that allows for the communication and integration of both fields.
Our goal is to give artists and filmmakers a way to see their content produced and mixed with professional, innovative and cost effective strategies. We are achieving this by providing our clients with affordable solutions to their projects soundtracks in place of the traditional commercial studio route that can be overwhelmingly expensive and hard to manage.
Founded by Daniel Bucknell, Stampede specialises in a variety of key services including Audio Engineering and production for music artists both live and in the studio, Film mixing complete with surround sound mixing options for 5.1 and 7.1 to produce high quality content for filmmakers in home entertainment platforms.
While no Dolby certification is achievable in our current facility, we are running Dolby Atmos Production Suite and are set up to produce pre-dubbing for home entertainment to begin the process for creators engaging in the object-bases format. This also includes binaural for 3D and spatial audio technologies to create musical content in Dolby Atmos.
We enjoy all aspects of audio and visual content creation including music videos, film scores, recording and mixing live and studio entertainment as well as film post-production.

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Grace Baker - Last Say

I was the Recording, mixing engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • adam audio
  • warm audio
  • focusrite
  • dbx
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