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The first time I started thinking about investing in professional mixing and mastering was when I saw my band's songs not getting the attention they deserve due to poor audio quality!

I can help you get the professional audio quality you deserve!

As a requirement there must always be a good production, an excellent performance and a quality recording.
That said, a professional mix and master can really make the difference.

Now is the time to give you some good reason to trust me.
Let me tell you a little about my story!

Luke D.Rose is an Italian Producer and Sound Engineer born in 2000.

He began to approach music at the age of six by taking guitar lessons.

In June 2015 he joined a rock band with which he gained
a lot of practical experience.

He attended courses held by the best mixes and mastering engineers in Italy and in the world.

In addition, his thirst for knowledge allows him to stay up to date on modern techniques
and styles of mixing and mastering always in step with the times.

From 2017 to today he has dedicated himself to taking your music to the next level!

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.


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10 Reviews

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  1. Review by Chiara
    by Chiara

    Vi consiglio di produrre da luke perché sicuramente saprà interpretare e capire al meglio ciò che volete nella vostra produzione come ha fatto con la mia
    Sempre disponibile e rispettoso dei tempi richiesti
    Fa veramente un ottimo lavoro!!

  2. Review by Alessio Favre
    by Alessio Favre

    L'unico producer che ho conosciuto veramente affidabile, gentile e con vero talento! Mi ha prodotto una base che spacca tantissimo. Consiglio vivamente a tutti di farvi produrre almeno una traccia da Luke.D.Rose!

  3. Review by Paolo
    by Paolo

    Luke D. Rose è stato uno dei pochi produttori che ho conosciuto veramente disponibile e affidabile, oltre al fatto che ha prodotto una strumentale pazzesca e mi è piaciuta subito.

  4. Review by Michele
    by Michele

    I've worked with him for the recording of a song of my group and he was very professional, always making suggestions and thinking about new ways to make the instruments sound better

  5. Review by Pedro Lopez
    by Pedro Lopez

    I think He is great , in His job , I collaborated with him on several songs, but also He is a good person, and this is missing today.
    If U need Quality. Ask Him .

  6. Review by GIO
    by GIO

    He is the best at his job. Thanks to his passion for music he is able to change songs making them crazy. He has a magical touch. I hope you have the opportunity to work with him

  7. Review by Christian
    by Christian

    Ottimo produttore come ottimo amico, super affidabile e super disponibile in qualsiasi momento della giornata!.
    Si vede che ci mette passione nel suo lavoro e questo é un bene!!

  8. Review by Francesco Pellegrini
    by Francesco Pellegrini

    I had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Luke D Rose three times. He's a real prodigy. His professionality, extreme attention to details and ability are really remarkable. In addition, he's a quick learner: few years ago he was only a beginner, now he's definitely a pro. Keep on working hard Luca!

  9. Review by Lorenzo Aurilia
    by Lorenzo Aurilia

    One of the best people I had the opportunity to work with. Always in touch with the whatever you're doing, has always been giving me really good advice.

  10. Review by Cimins
    by Cimins

    I had the opportunity to work with Luke through some artists. His instrumentals have very original ideas. He's a producer who works in detail on the songs and with him you can work professionally

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I was the Producer and Mixing Engineer in this production

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