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Mastering is the balance between commerce and art. It's the last creative step between the studio and the record store.

Mastering isn't about gear (though some gear does make the process easier), it's about critical listening and then having the know how to balance what you're hearing between commerce and art while being relatively 'invisible' in the process as to not take attention away from the music. In my opinion, good mastering should focus your music to where it flows effortlessly, so that the listener can have a more enjoyable experience at first listen.

You've mixed your project to the best of your ability and you're almost ready to release it, but you need an opinion from an unbiased party to see if your project will be competitive with other projects released by other artists.

You may have recorded at; different studios, with different mics, different producers, and a few mix engineers. Or you may have done it all yourself in the span of a few months. I'll then listen to what you've come up with and using critical listening give my opinion on the project from a sonic standpoint. Maybe the kick drum sounded great on your speakers, but with the way it is will sound bad on a boombox or radio. I'll either help you address it within your mix or using specialized tools, tackle those areas myself to enhance your music to it's fullest potential.

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Gear Highlights
  • B&W 801's (monitors)
  • Focal Twin6 (monitors)
  • Antelope Pure2 (converters)
  • Toft ATB-16 (console)
  • great ears
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