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vocal tuning experience since 2002, perfect pitch, adamant patience for this kind of work. Arrangements, mixing, vocal producing... is in the past. I am interested in large projects.

I will make your studio life easier by taking pitch and time aligning of vocal tracks.
You simply replace the old takes with new ones.

What I offer:
- I have a sufficient quality gear for this kind of work.
- I clean manually up to individual letters and syllables.
- No time stretching (cause flanging/ringing), only cutting, moving and crossfades (besides neglected cases) - it's handiwork.
- No autotune, Melodyne, Vocalign, Revoice.
- 96 kHz internal processing to prevent scaling artifacts.
- up to 20 voices (including huge choirs).
- Noise removing (if needs, additional costs)
- Breath control (if needs, additional costs)
I am not doing:
- Selection of good takes, send me the best.
- Promote/spread your tracks on the internet.

You have to:
- export all your tracks from the same bar (including instrumental) in Wav/AIFF format
- compress them in one zip
- upload to any cloud storage
- send me the link to it

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

An average price is 200$ per song. It includes:
- Pitch Tuning and Time Aligning up to 20 vocal tracks up to 5 minutes each.
- 3 days of work
- pre-demo in draft quality
- 2 revisions

Gear Highlights
  • Beyerdynamics DT770Pro
  • N-Monitors X400
  • MOTU 828.
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