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Chaplain is a hip hop artist and producer from Muskegon, MI. Unique soundscapes and instrumentals are his specialty but he is interested in working with anything to do with music. Please reach out with any of you music projects, if Chaplain can't help you he will be able to refer you to someone who can!

I went to college to be a music producer, because of covid and life...I ended up working mostly on the writing side of music as well as selling beats on various websites. I'm really seeking to pursue music full time at this point in my life. I have three young children, a wife and home...and I'd really prefer to not go back to driving a semi for the rest of my life.

I have enormous talent as far as creativity goes! Maybe too much! I tend to make very original sound, because I personally like being different. I am capable of being realistic about whatever job it is I am working on it though. I only mention creativity because that is why I love music. In it's pure form, if you allow music to flow without bounds, it can give all new feelings and emotion.

I can mix, master, produce...what I would really like to do is compose soundscapes for video games, movies, shows, youtube channels, etc...

I'm desperately in need of some opportunities to build my please do take advantage of my willingness to work very hard at your project until you are happy with it.

Let's get something going!

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