Worth A Dime Studios

Drummer, Vocalist, Song Writer

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Well adjusted Session Drummer with a diverse background. Looking to provide the flavor and finesse that your recordings need to bring your musical endeavors to life.

Worth A Dime Studios exists to provide you with drum tracking, part-writing and more. Worth A Dime Studios offers quality instruments, equipment, and production while maintaining flexibility to suit each artist within the realm of musical time.

Whether its playing directly with a click track or total mobility in free time the performer will put forth musical skill and interpretation as the primary input source for all musical works.

***All tracks must be a maximum of 7 minutes in length unless otherwise agreed upon by W.A.D.S. at the time of inquiry***

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Terms Of Service

All provided services will be approached in a timely manner. W.A.D.S requires a light briefing between the artist and W.A.D.S. to ensure adequate scheduling and project planning via email or phone.

Gear Highlights
  • MAPEX Saturn Pro (6 PC Antique Ivory)
  • GRETSCH Catalina 4 PC
  • Zildjian K Constantinople Cymbals
  • JBL MKIII Studio Monitors
  • Mogami Cables
  • AKG C414 Condenser
  • Shure DMK57-52
  • Stereo OH
  • MXL 2008 Condenser
  • 5K IMAC Workstation
  • MOTU 8 Preamp
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