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Sino is a fresh new addition to the South African and International music scene. Sino was raised on music and in a very musical family. She often states that singing has been the one absolute, consistent thing in her life, starting from a young age. Her brother is a Dj (Dj Xee) and producer who has been a regular on the Cape Town scene for the past

Sino lists an array of different genres as her musical influence, having been expose to anything and everything from Donny Hathaway to Prince to Sade to Fela Kuti to Madonna. It was upon meeting producer Penuel de Rouge that Sino made the decision to venture into her own solo career. Going for a very modern electronic sound for her debut Ep, due for release mid to late 2012. Know This is the first single on the release, an inspiring upbeat electronic dance track produced by Penuel de Rouge and SoulLifes Thulani Mbambisa. The music video, shot on location in Cape Town was released early 2012. Since the single release, she has worked on other tracks with producers Angel stoxx (Greece), Dubbyman (Spain) to name a few, while simultaneously recording and working on her own Ep. Sino’s singing and songwriting skills are a force to be reckoned with. She brings a fresh solid approach to the world of electronics, giving her music much weight and integrity. One of her favourite quotes is “no one can do a better job of being you than you can”. It is safe to say that she is here to stay.

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