Michael Wade

Mixing, Producing, Songwriting

I've been recording & writing music for the last eight years, whether it was for metal, acoustic, country or electronic. I have been involved and continue to be involved with many projects personally that span all over the genre spectrum, so I understand more genres than most engineers. I also earned my degree in recording engineering from MTSU.

My main engineering love is working with experimental and artistic music, also incorporating analog gear in the digital realm. I have been the producer and songwriter for a project called Gritsmitten, this project is influenced by artists like Bon Iver and Imogen Heap. I have also been a songwriter and producer for a organization called Small Town Big Sound that brings together artist from all different genres and record an album together.

My engineering approach is not based on genre, I am a strong believer that the engineering should bring out the art and the story of the song. A lot of engineers focus so much on trying to put their own signature sound on a track instead of bringing out the sound in the track itself. So with this approach i think that focusing on what genre it is is not important, what IS important is focusing on the artist and the art.

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