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Drawing from diverse musical and personal backgrounds, Eric and Pierre can contribute to any stage of the songwriting and production process. Pierre, from the Dominican Republic, has a playful mind for melody and groove, while Eric, from the Bay Area, has an experienced ear for sound design and production.

Caribe Norwé is a songwriting and music production duo based out of Portland, OR. Think of Eric and Pierre as a Venn Diagram, Pierre is mostly on the songwriting side, and Eric is on the production side, with some skills overlapping.

Instrumental - We can provide feedback, suggest new parts, refine and play with parts that you bring to us, really do anything that you or we feel will add to the song. Some examples of services we can provide: Lay down instrumental tracks (guitar/bass/synth/keys), Drum Production/programming (modern/retro/acoustic/percussion).

Lyrics/Vocals - We have spent the last year hyper focusing on effective lyric writing. We can provide quality feedback and directly help with the lyrics of your song. We'll focus on ensuring that the message of your song is being expressed clearly in a way people can connect with: by making sure the message is reduced to it's essential parts and expressed lyrically in a way that excites the listeners imagination. On top of Lyrics, Pierre and I both love working on vocal melodies and harmonies and can bring compelling melodic ideas to your song.

Production/Mixing/Mastering - Lastly, with Eric's 15 years of studio experience, we can produce and mix your track at a professional level. If you just need a mix, or want your track mastered, we can offer that service as well!

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juracán - Dame Todo

I was the Songwriters, Producers, and Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Terms can be discussed per-project, as this can change quite a bit between projects.

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