Plague the Lich

Rapper, Lyricist, Songwriter

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Remember when rap was deep and lyrics had meaning? They were great times! Fortunately, we have the opportunity to bring such times back. Conscious rapper that writes complete songs of depth and complexity. Most suited to Boom-Bap, Vaporwave, Grime, Trip-hop but have also done Trap and Electronic.

Conscious underground rapper/songwriter who writes deep well-crafted, completed songs with verses, hooks, adlibs, choruses, ect and is motivated, responsible, reliable and dependable.

I've recently released my first album which I recorded myself and am available to either:

-write verses, songs, hooks, choruses, ect for other people
-write and record original verses, songs, hooks, ect
-re-record already written songs, hooks, producer tags, ect

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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