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Mixing and mastering of electronic music!

Mixing and mastering of electronic music (house, techno, DNB, breaks, etc.).


Balancing, alignment, compression, spatial processing, parallel compression /saturation, resonance removal, etc.


Alignment, multiband compression, film, Saturation, working with space, maximizer.

the execution time will depend on the amount of work and my workload.

for a good result, I check my work on different acoustics, including in the nightclubs of my city.

I work at Ableton Live 11


55$ from 10 tracks

100$ from 20 tracks

130$ from 50 tracks

Need to order:
1. Reference. 1-3 tracks at your discretion. what the final result should sound like.

2. All stems must be in Wav format 32 Bit 44.1 kHz and with a volume margin from -20 to -6 dB.

3. For Mixing: The stems should not have any effects other than artistic.

4. Send everything as an archive, specifying the speed and tone in the name of the archive, folder or track.

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