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The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powder

Being a fitness fanatic, I have used protein powder from almost every leading brand in the past couple of years. In my experience, most of them taste bad or have a really bitter after-taste. That was the case until I started using Vegan Pro by Raw Nutritional.

It is the best-tasting protein powder I have used to date.

Many people would say that taste should not matter when you are consuming protein supplements to build muscles. But in my opinion, taste just makes it easier to take this added protein. This is why most of the protein powder out there are available in different flavors and contain artificial sweeteners.

Thankfully, my Vegan Pro contains no artificial sweetener or flavor and still have the best taste you will ever find in a protein powder.

I have been using this protein for the past few months and it does an amazing job of keeping my body fit, fat-free and build lean muscle mass. Each scoop of it contains about 20 g of pure, plant-based protein made of pea isolates and other things. I use it in chocolate flavor which contains 100% natural cacao powder and organic coconut sugar. The taste is quite amazing. And as far as I’ve heard, the other two flavors, maple-vanilla and coffee-wafers, taste equally good.

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