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I solve problems...I work with a collective of Beatmakers, Studio Engineers, Artists etc. If you can tell me what you want, I can give it to you. Looking for Projects and Collaborators

(I Solve Sonic Problems)
I am a problem solver, producer and beat-maker extraordinaire. As a trained, professional programmer, I am the the one artists go to when they need a smooth sound, DAWS Ableon Live PreSonus Studio One Logic GarageBand sound suitable for Studying/Coding Streams and Podcasts, Video Games or Cinematic Releases. Let me take your production to the next level. As a multi-genre artist, my sound can not be contained in the mundane nor common. Check out my sound range from the laid-back nuance of [Winston's Winds out in Dec 2022] to the instant classic of Funky Empire. Available for Collaboration and Consultation, if you want to take your career to a much higher plane, I am your go-to. By the way, if you know the name Wiinston Wolf...then you know. But be prepared to put in the work that will catapult your career to a much higher level.

Ableton Live
PreSonus Studio One
GarageBand (yeah I said it, GarageBand)

Music/Beats/Production for:
Album Projects
Streams and Podcasts
Video Games
Cinematic Releases

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