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My name is Todd, and I've been a professional writer for over seven years. In that time I've accumulated a lot of experience.

Things you must do to write well in Spanish

If you want to become a real essay writer in Spanish, take note of these simple tips and put them into practice to surprise your readers.

1. Before writing, brainstorm to figure out what we want to say and how we can "mix" all these ingredients to make a good piece. If you have no ideas or feel stuck, read other essays or similar texts that might inspire you.

2. If it's a specific text format, such as a formal letter asking for a job or a complaint report, figure out what structures and phrases or word combinations should always be used, and incorporate them correctly into your text.

3. Always keep in mind to whom your text is addressed. When you write a text, you are always writing it for someone to read, so you should always think about how to make it enjoyable and interesting for the recipient. In an article for a popular magazine that the general public reads, you won't use the same register or choose the same topics as you would for a specialized magazine. Likewise, you won't write an e-mail to a friend in the same way you would write an e-mail to a company to send your resume, for example.

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