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Acrosonus Mastering Studio What is different to others? Acrosonus Mastering go with precision and details to get a constant quality that others studios don't get. Acrosonus Mastering know the mastering technics, but developed his own tools too. The only one objective to give the best result to artist over & over.

Over 100 examples on website

contact by mail: acrosonus@outlook(dot)com

1 mixdown : 30 €
2 mixdowns : 55 €
3-5 mixdowns : 25 € per mixdown
6-10 mixdowns : 22 € per mixdown
11 -20 mixdowns : 20 € per mixdown

Do Stems Mastering too + 30€ per track. Limit of stems 10 per track.
- All stem tracks must line up
- Exemple of stems: Bass, Drums, Vocals, Synths, Guitars, Kick, Percusions ......
- No clipping, leave all of your Vst, panning, volume, and automation enabled

How it works

1) send your track(s) in an email
2) I'll master it and send back the track
3) listen to it and see if you like or not, if you want the master let me know by email all payment by paypal @: acrosonus@outlook(dot)com

Only rules
1) Nothing on your master (no compressor, EQ or others)
2) Minimun 5-6dbfs of headroom
3) WAV 24; 16 bits 44 ;96 Khertz

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

Revisions no real limit (not 10 but no limit to only 1), no additional costs. Typical time for mastering 2h-48h max No vinyl

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