Hello! My name is Dave and I am a musician and recording engineer/producer with 40 years of experience in all musical styles and genres. Since 2006, I have been helping musicians, vocalists, and songwriters to achieve their creative visions both locally and virtually.

Your project will finally get the intense energy that it deserves to go to the next level. Our prices range from $20 to $300. You are involved in every step of the creative process and the final product will absolutely match your vision. Here are the ways that we can help to bring your musical vision to life:

1. Create a musical bed for your lyrics.

2. Capture your instrument (vocal, piano, guitar, etc.) to begin your process of creation.

3. Design a full orchestration based on your melody template.

4. Add supportive instrumentation, orchestration, and arrangement to an existing musical creation.

5. Develop a soundtrack or backing track for your presentation, film, or website.

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Terms of Service

We provide an audition excerpt in order to make sure that we are on the same page for your musical vision. The turn-around time depends on the complexity of the project; sub-contractor fees may apply.

Endorse Songwriter Recordings and Production $20-$300