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Song writer/Lyricist/Co/writer/poet Searching hoping for a chance to write great songs!

I write songs and i am good at it! I lean more towards love/country but i can literally go from that to rap snd write an smazing song within minutes or hours! I get stuck on some so i would be a good co/writer as well! I just need someone willing to give me a chance to prove myself, i'll do whatever it takes! I won't disappoint you, I promise!
I have been very musical from a young age. I can play guitar, drums and some piano. I love all sorts of music and musical instruments if something new was handed to me I would probably be able to play something within a day or two! I am not a Singer so these songs I have written are just waiting for someone to demo them or hopefully be used by someone! I'm free at anytime and have some lyrics i can share or give me a task and i'll write it!
I reside near daytona beach in Florida, but i'm thinking about moving to nashville area to pursue my song writing dream within the next year or two (or sooner if needed)!
Would love to work with a record label/producer/singers. Ready to sign and work asap!
I'm very easy to get along with. Just looking for that awesome opportunity!

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